How would you rate K4KARZ
"Very Pleased, visited for viewing and test drive, liked the car but told them i will get back, Phoned couple of days later, i was informed about some issue with the car, Any way car was nice so left a deposit and after few days problem was fixed and they delivered it for half Price. Honest Dealer will definitely try them first before elsewhere."
How would you rate K4KARZ
"Great quick delivery and Car was described Spot On."
How would you rate K4KARZ
"Couldn't buy a car because of my Insurance reasons, Very Honest and straight forward, Looked at his cars which are not ready to advertised on website yet, told me all about them, Keep up the good work buddy."
"Nice car, very quick delivery and have been honest all the way. 10 out of 10, Highly recommended by me,"

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How would you rate K4KARZ
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